Design Your Home around Your Lifestyle



Design Your Home

Design Your Home around Your Lifestyle

It becomes very important in today’s world to live a lifestyle of ornamentation so as to convey your social status or even happy you are. Hence an urban finesse is required in your interiors so that others deem you fit to be called a man of taste and elegance. Here are the ways in which you can accentuate your kitchen

Kitchen and Wardrobe

You can start by remodeling a kitchen by hiring a professional. He will chart your expenses and will be able to throw light on the minutest details that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. You need not tear down your entire kitchen in order to build a new one. There is no compulsion that your budget should be humongous. Your dreams cannot be limited by money. People might fall short of the kitchen space that they think is becoming of an ideal kitchen, for that optimum use should be made of each and every corner.

Changing your wardrobe shouldn’t be a big financial risk. Wear dresses in a combination that you haven’t before. Get out of your comfort zone. Instead of being loyal to brands, be easy going about clothes. Follow the notion of a capsule wardrobe to limit the time that you take to dress up.


You can easily arrive at a set pattern of lighting by understanding what you want to do in each room. Once you understand your demands, you can choose creative or functional lighting for each room. For visual solace, you should go for simple ambient lighting. Understanding the furniture and color of the wall becomes important to deduce lighting.

Home Décor

Choose décor that fits well with your personality and bespeaks your idea of what an ideal home should be like. If you want to go for a casual style, you can get soft furniture and textured cloth products that bring relaxation. On the other hand, if you want a formal style you can play with the idea of symmetry and polished exteriors.

Bath Fittings

Firstly, it is important to analyze the layout of the room to understand the space available for the necessary products and luxury products. Always start with basic amenities because after all, it is your washroom. Choose products that complement the tone of the paint. You might opt for two pairs of lighting- one as a primary light from the ceiling and another around the mirror.


Wallpapers are the trendiest artifices right now. Whatever wallpaper you choose, make sure that the paper is of very high quality and a mellower tone of ink. This gives you a refined and posh finish and makes sure that you don’t come across as a nouveau riche.

Wood Flooring

Wooden Floors are an investment, so if you do it, do it right. One way to understand whether your product is of high quality or not, is by seeing how thick the layer of timber is. You can buy raw wood with an unfinished face and customize it later or you can get a finished product.

Home Dezire can, indeed, fulfill your wish of a new and remodeled home even if your budget is on a tightrope. They are a group of people who will infuse vitality in the process of up-gradation of your house. They have the acumen of understanding what the customer wants, given you interact with them and just because they love what they do they are way ahead of the world when it comes to setting trends.

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