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How to Pick Lighting for Your Home?

How to Pick Lighting for Your Home?

While building a house you should surely put a lot of emphasis on the materials used, color, architecture, and fittings. But the lighting of the house is equally important and should not be overlooked under any circumstances. Each of the room has a different set of lighting fixture designed for it and you should choose them wisely.

Here is a detailed discussion on lighting fixtures and the space they fit the best.


The entrance of a house should always be well-lit. If you have a broad entrance,s then you can go for one big pendant light. It will provide a decent amount of light that will be enough to host your guests. If your entryway is narrow then a bright corner light can make the space elegant. Remember that the entrance of your house will cast an impression about your hospitality to the visitors. So keep it the best and try to bring out your creativity through it.

Living Room

You can opt for a big chandelier as that can draw the attention of your guests. But choose the chandelier, according to the theme of your living room and make sure that it is not a complete mismatch. Today there are ceiling fans available that have a spotlight fitted on them. This looks extremely stylish and elegant at the same time. Floor or table lamps are also very today. If you have some artwork on the walls then opt for scones.

Dining Room

In the dining room, the focus is on the dining table and thus a chandelier should be the best option. It should be pointing at the table so that the food is nicely visible. If the dining table is big in size, then the chandelier should be bigger in size so that it can cover the whole table. For a small table, a small chandelier that is fitted low is enough.


Bedroom demands low lighting so that it feels cozy yet looks sophisticated. A task light can be very appropriate as it will provide adequate light without being very harsh. Bedside lamps are very important and should not be missed out at any cost.


The kitchen demands a good amount of lighting as there are a lot of operations that go on in this space. Few spotlights focusing the utility areas are important. You can go for more than one spotlight as that will keep the area well-lit.


Never overlook this area while choosing the lighting fixtures for your house as this space demands a good amount of light. The bathroom is meant to have at least a few drops of water on the floor. If the area is not well-lit, then it can lead to an accident.

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